Service Robots

Introducing Service Robots!

Our service robots are highly advanced tools for commercial service that are capable of taking an elevator by themselves, delivering goods and guiding the way, using voice files, remote calls, and other advanced features.

Service Robots are very well suited for applications within Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, Corporate and the other sectors that we work in, and yes, they can even be used on ships!


Your new FOH team member! Premium Delivery Robot

  • Deliver Stellar Customer Service!

Allow BellaBot to take on the tedious tasks and let staff focus on the customers

  • Solve Staffing Issues and Reduce Labour Costs

Bella never gets sick, never complains and loves a double shift!

  • Increase Revenue

Serve more dishes and deliver faster while bringing a new experience to dining.

  • Contact Free Service

We never know when the rules will change! Be prepared for the next crisis.


Your marketing expert on wheels

  • The advertising display that comes to you

The main display perfectly adapts to the customer’s angle of view and can deliver your marketing message, offering a new and exciting way to communicate with customers

  • Compact Design for Improved Agility

With the ability to move through spaces as small as 55cm, KettyBot is an ideal choice in complex and crowded environments such as retail stores, shopping centres, events and drinks receptions.

  • A New Way to Impress Your Customers

With AI voice interaction, KettyBot intelligently greets and interacts with passing customers, drawing them to your offer or message.

  • Custom Branding

Make KettyBot your own with custom vinyl wraps to convey your brand and message.

  • Your Dedicated Usher

With the addition of it’s rear cover, KettyBot features a minimalist streamlined design that makes it even more compact. With AI autonomous path planning, KettyBot can lead customers to their desired locations via the most direct route, providing an improved customer experience while reducing staff workload.


Your Heavy Duty Workhorse

  • Say Goodbye to Dirty Repetitive Work

Large carrying and high weight capacity means HolaBot can manage a range of functions.

Clear multiple tables in no time, carry hundreds of dirty glasses back to the washup.

  • Pager Function

Need HolaBot? Simply call him from your wrist, load him up and send him on his way.

  • Sound Tracking

Need HolaBot to turn around so you can load him? Just tell him!

  • Designed for the rugged tasks

Aircraft grade aluminium body and waterproof load bay means HolaBot is ready to haul anything.