Video Walls

Our solution

As a result of our partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to provide video wall solutions tailored to your needs, even on a limited budget. In this way, we can create an entrylevel video wall without sacrificing quality.

49-inch, or 55-inch video walls are the most common sizes available in LCD video wall. In order to mount the screens side by side, they have the same top and left size bezel, as well as the same bottom and right size bezel. Together, the bezels create an even size wall when connected.

We can create your Video Wall almost to any combination of screens, 1×1, 1×2, 2×2, 3×3 etc.

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Video walls

Create your own video wall from modular screens. Long life, high durability, specialised commercial display.

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Our solution

With the Video Wall Solution from Hotensify, you can create dynamic digital signage, information displays and command and control applications, in an all in one, easy to configure package.

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No limitations

No amount of screen is too many screens. Our solution is designed for 24/7 operation, using the best in class panel quality. Multi display video walls can be installed almost anywhere, and we offer a wide variety of display technologies.

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Why choose Hotensify?

We provide our customers with the best quality products, at a brilliant price.

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We have been providing this eyecatching service for years, and guarantee it will have a big impact.

Installation & Pricing

In addition to their size, video walls differ in their setup and configuration, as well as the way they function.
A great deal of technology is hidden behind the screens.
The video wall technology is hand selected by us, based on your requirements. So depending on what content you’d like to play, it’s source, and how you want to play it, will determine the software powering your solution.
Even the most complex requirements will be met with the latest technology, including processors, media players, switchers, splitters, extenders/receivers and content management software.

When it comes to pricing, each installation is different.
Getting the right solution to suit your needs is crucial to the success of any installation.
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