Chromecast for Hotels

Hotensify offer secure Casting for hotels (and other venues).

Our Chromecast solution is designed to offer high security to your guests (or users), it is designed to work on any screen, and any network infrastructure.

If you deploy dongles in the hotel, it is easy for a guest to share content on someone else’s screen, possibly see what the last guest was looking at, or even mess up your network and the dongles by unauthorised access. Using the Hotensify Chromecast for Hotels solution removes these problems, increases security and guest experience..

Your guest will enjoy watching their own content from their device, on the big screen you make available to them. This service can be used on PC’s, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, and it has never been easier!

Depending on how you opt to have the solution installed, typically the guest will not have to leave the hotel network to cast just to their own TV, they won’t be able to cast to any screens they are not allowed to !

This is the best solution in the market and all works from a small device added to the network.

Why choose Hotensify?

Our Chromecast solution for hotels ensures that the interaction the guest has with their TV is specifically with the TV in their room only, so you won’t have any unwanted access from other guests and vice versa.
This solution can work on ANY Wi-Fi (the dongles can actually be hardwired too) and ANY TV, it can also work as a standalone solution with just a TV in the room, or you can integrate it with more complete guest offerings such as Mobile App or branded Wi-Fi pages etc.


Our controller ensures that the guest can only connect to the screen inside their room. 
We do this to prevent people connecting to other screens and casting unwanted content.
Once the guest is connected to the screen, the phone can leave the room and the connection will remain stable as the content is then pulled across the hotel network via the Chromecast dongle (or embedded Chromecast unit available from some TV vendors).


Installing our service is very simple and easy to do.

You will need a cast controller, this will take up 1U rack space, and will connect up to 1000 devices. We would also recommend some security in room for the dongle, maybe a ‘secure wire’ that secures the dongle to the bracket, or a steel security bracket for the dongle 
You will also need a Chromecast dongle per tv. Don’t worry, we can quote, provide, configure and install everything, or even show you how, and we just do the network piece for you. 


Guests can connect to the Chromecast using a given SSID and Password, or via QR code, or better still by being dynamically bound to the Chromecast in their room using name and room number when integrated with PMS on a landing portal, we will work with you to provide the best and simplest way for your guest.

Wi-Fi is the most common connection, you will connect to the Hotel’s ‘Guest Wi-Fi’ which the TV will also be connected to, and once you are connected to the same Wi-Fi, you are ready to cast.

The QR code is an alternative way to connect if the hotel does not offer Wi-Fi that is linked with PMS.

Analytics & statistics

We are able to keep track and store the analytics and statistics, to see how much casting is being used in your facility.
Some of the things we can track are:

TV usage

Keep track of how much TV usage is happening across each room of your building.

Cast sessions

Keep track of the duration of casting sessions in each of the rooms.

Devices pairing

Store information about how many times you device is being paired with the TV to cast.

Cast applications

View the most popular apps which are being casted to your screens.